Why Limit Happy to an Hour? August 2016 (1 bottle)

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This listing is for one bottle from the Fun Bar Quotes - Mega Shifts collection: 

Why Limit Happy To An Hour?: Super sparkly almost glittery shifter that goes from Red to blue to purple with flashes of copper and green in a purple jelly base

For best results - use a super shiny top coat! 

All polishes are 5 Free!

The full size bottles are approximately 0.50 oz / 15 ml with a shiny black cap, square glass bottle, and wide brush and all full size bottles and contain mixing beads. The Polish Shots are 8 ml square bottles with shiny black full size caps and flat brush and contain mixing beads.

Swatches provided by:

  • Beckie of http://www.polishedbybeckie.com/ or IG @polishedbybeckie
  • Jen of http://www.thepolishaholic.com/ or IG @polishaholic
  • Melissa of http://mylacquercabinet.com/ or IG @mulse80
  • Jenne of http://polishedpathology.com/ or IG @PolishedPathology
  • Karen of https://minipolishh.wordpress.com/ or IG @minipolishh