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Holo Helmer Drawer Front Cover - Six Drawers - (Save $5!!!!!)

Save $ 5.00
Original price $ 30.00
Current price $ 25.00

This listing is for 6 drawer front stickers - Save $5 (one free drawer cover) by purchasing the set instead of individual Drawers!

These are Helmer (from IKEA) drawer front covers made from permanent Holo Vinyl.  They will cover the front of the drawers when centered on the drawer - and they leave less than 1/8" border of the helmer cover on each drawer.  You can purchase one drawer front and use as an accent or use 3, covering every other drawer, or buy 6 and cover all of the drawers on your Helmer.  

The Helmer Handle DOES NOT need to be removed to apply these.  They are made to slip on the drawer around the handle and completely cover the front of the drawer (except that tiny margin on all sides - see pictures).  They can be quickly re-positioned when applying - but after they sit for a bit -they are not re-positionable.

They do not cover the sides, top or frame of the Helmer. They only cover the drawer fronts (SEE Pictures below).

You do not need any special tools to apply these to your Helmer.

How to apply:

Hold sticker with the holes in the middle and the cut lines from the holes going towards the floor.  Peel sticker from backing being careful not to allow sticker to fold over on itself.  Hold the top two corners of the sticker gently with your hands and slip the middle section down over and between the handles - lining up the holes in the sticker around the handles.  Once you have it centered the way you want it - stick the top corners to the helmer and smooth the sticker on to remove air bubbles.  (It will not stick completely flat to the name plate area under the handle - but will stick flat to all other areas).  You re-position the sticker quickly if you make a mistake -but these are permanent vinyl and they are a thinner vinyl with no stretch - so please don't rush when applying.


Pictures by:

Jenne of or IG @polishedpathology

Rachel of IG @jaxnjaydensmama