Grab bag of 4 Polish Shot (8ml) size for $18 - Top Shelf Lacquer
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Grab bag of 4 Polish Shot (8ml) size for $18

Sale price $ 18.00 Regular price $ 36.00

This is a grab bag of polish.  You will get 4 different 8 ml polishes in every bag.

You may receive holos, cremes, shimmers, flakies, glass fleck, glitters, etc.  You'll receive a mix of colors as well.  

You may receive current inventory or you may receive polishes that are no longer on the website, overpours from boxes or polishes that I made and decided not to sell b/c it was too expensive or b/c I did not measure the ingredients right and they cannot be duplicated.

I will not be able to check previous order history.



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