Drunken Creme Fall Holos Collection, September 2017 (12 Bottles)

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This listing is for the entire collection (12 bottles) from the Drunken Crème Fall Holos collection: 

This gorgeous fall collection features a nice buttery crème holo finish.  It’s going to be a little more subdued on the bling (although it’s still there) and fantastic in the color palette for this years on-point fall trends.  These should be opaque in just 2 coats and some are nearly one-coaters.

  1. Tipsy: Warm rich milk chocolate brown crème holo polish
  2. Hammered: A gorgeous burgundy crème holo polish
  3. Wasted: A dusky mauve crème holo polish
  4. Boozed Up: A fun amaranth red crème holo polish
  5. Juiced: Perfect fall pumpkin orange crème holo polish
  6. Sloshed: Mustard yellow crème holo polish (also fondly referred to by the maker as the “baby poop yellow of the collection 😉)
  7. Tanked: Lush olive green crème holo polish
  8. Buzzed: Light teal crème holo polish
  9. Befuddled: Medium teal crème holo polish (the name b/c I am befuddled with what to call this color other than a medium teal)
  10. Inebriated: Rich prussian blue crème holo polish
  11. Plastered: A dusky plum crème holo polish
  12. Liquored Up: A cool medium grey crème holo polish

For best results - use a super shiny top coat! 

Multiple pigments were used to create the 12 colors of this collection. The pigments are broken down by hand, by me and separation CAN happen. It’s nothing a good shake can’t fix!

Water marbling - Just because they can water marble for some, does NOT guarantee you will be successful in doing so. So many factors play into being able to get a polish to water marble. Please understand I do not guarantee this collection will water marble for you.

Please note: The color and density of the polishes in the photos may vary due to lighting and/or your screen monitor resolution.

All polishes are 5 Free!

The full size bottles are approximately 0.50 oz / 15 ml with a shiny black cap, square glass bottle, and wide brush and all full size bottles and contain mixing beads. The Polish Shots are 8 ml square bottles with shiny black full size caps and flat brush and contain mixing beads.

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