Blueberry Pear Smoothie - (1 bottle) Summer Neons Smoothie and Juice Bar

$ 10.00

Neon Crème Polishes - Smoothies:  These medium shade neons are wonderfully creamy and smooth and lend so well to nail art!

  • Blueberry Pear Smoothie: Bright sky blue neon crème

      Note:  Neon pigments are known to fade over time.  It is possible that this polish could fade.

      Multiple pigments were used to create the colors of this collection. The pigments are broken down by hand, by me and separation CAN happen. It’s nothing a good shake can’t fix!

      Water marbling - Just because they can water marble for some, does NOT guarantee you will be successful in doing so. So many factors play into being able to get a polish to water marble. Please understand I do not guarantee this collection will water marble for you.

      Please note: The color and density of the polishes in the photos may vary due to lighting and/or your screen monitor resolution.

      For best results - use a super shiny top coat! 

      All polishes are 5 Free!

      The full size bottles are approximately 0.50 oz / 15 ml with a shiny black cap, square glass bottle, and wide brush and all full size bottles and contain mixing beads. The Polish Shots are 8 ml square bottles with shiny black full size caps and flat brush and contain mixing beads.

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