Bergamot (Lime) Menthol Shower Bombs

$ 8.50

Bergamot (Lime) Menthol Shower Bombs (Bergamot oil yields a citrus-like fragrance, with a distinctive spicy-floral quality. The scent is both spicy and sweet.)

Create a luxurious and all-natural spa experience right in your own shower—no hot tub required. Simply place one of these luxurious bombs on the floor of a warm shower. They are just what you need to get ready for the day - or to relax before bed. Made with Menthol and Bergamot Essential Oils, you will experience the relaxing and revitalizing aromas as soon as the water starts to release them from the bomb.

Each bomb weighs approximately 1.5 to 2.0 ounces.  You will receive individually wrapped bombs to use for your showers whenever you want to relax or refresh!

Instructions For Use: Place on the floor of the shower, away from the drain. Splash with water and the bomb will start to fizz and release aroma.  DO NOT USE IN THE BATH, may irritate sensitive areas!!  Caution as the shower floor may become slippery.

If irritation develops, discontinue use.  Keep away from children. Avoid contact with the eyes.  Pregnant or Nursing women, Children or individuals with medical conditions should consult a doctor before use.

Product may have color variations from batch to batch and small clumps of color may be present.  Should not stain shower or tub, but may stick to soap scum.  This can be simply wiped away with a cleaning towel or a magic eraser type of product.

Ingredients:  Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Cornstarch, Kaolin Clay, Menthol, Isopropyl Alcohol, Bergamot Essential Oil.  If shower bomb is colored, may contain: Glycerine, Blue #1, Yellow #10, Yellow #5, Red #30, Red 40, Red 27, Orange #5.