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Restock Info

::: Polishes that are not discontinued will be restocked periodically as often as possible :::

Currently Top Shelf Lacquer does keep continual open stock available when possible. Please remember that Top Shelf Lacquer is a small business and all polishes are mixed from scratch in batches by hand by one person (Amy) and not made in mass quantities in a lab or factory. There are times that a color is temporarily out of stock.  There are also times that a color may sell out and never be restocked.  This may occur without announcements or warning.  Please make sure to purchase the colors you want to avoid missing out once they are sold out.   

Clearanced Items:

Items on clearance may be last chance items.  Top Shelf Lacquer has no plans to carry them in the future, but does reserve the right to bring them back down the road if there is interest.

Cart Hold:  

We do have a feature that will hold your items for 5 minutes in your cart once you hit the checkout button so that you can complete the transaction.  We also have a persistent cart feature - which means if you are logged in on any computer, you can load your cart with available inventory and this inventory will stay in your cart for the next time you log in as long as it remains in stock.